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Company Profile

CMA Armatur A / S has existed since 1993 and is a trading and consulting company with sales of water-saving solutions and emergency showers.

CMA is the market leader in systems for collective bathing facilities in schools, swimming pools, holiday centers, institutions, hospitals, industry, public buildings and more. We offer complete solutions that make everyday life easier for the installers. At the same time, good comfort for the users is achieved, and last but not least, a good water economy is ensured. We therefore have one of the market’s strongest product ranges within this segment.

At CMA, we not only wish to sell unique solutions. We also want to develop and maintain a close relationship with our customers so that we can already contribute from the first planning phase to our extensive expertise and experience in installation, maintenance and repair.

We would like to share our knowledge with our customers and, of course, are available with our theoretical and practical experience in handling our products either by telephone, meetings or seminars. On our website, all data can also be found on our products and systems.

The environment is our shared responsibility, and at CMA we are very aware of our responsibility for the environment and through close cooperation with our suppliers we ensure that we are always able to benefit from the latest knowledge. This ensures that our products and systems are optimized with regard to both water consumption and hygiene, as well as high operational safety and longevity.

As a responsible company, we focus heavily on our employees’ working environment. Therefore, we emphasize a free and informal work environment where employees at all levels assume co-responsibility and where continuous education naturally helps to ensure the comprehensive knowledge of the company, but especially the satisfaction of the employees.

Our vision

Our vision is that the market regards CMA as a specialized, qualified as well as technically sound consultant and supplier of water and / or water treatment products, including waterproofed safety products.


Our mission is to optimize and reduce water / energy consumption as well as operating / maintenance costs on facilities with many users.

Contact information CMA Armatur a/s Alstrup Alle 2 8361 Hasselager Danmark CVR: 11532373 Tlf. (+45) 86 28 77 66 info@cma.as